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Are you a news publisher? We'd love to partner!

Our aim is to partner with news providers on technology topics to deliver back their content in audio which they could use on their website/platforms.

The aim for our app is to be used by busy people that don't have time read news, but can listen during their commuting/driving time, 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Text to Audio in seconds

    Once we get your news text, it takes seconds to deliver it back to you in audio format (summarized or not, as you prefer)

  • One More Channel for Your News

    We'll add the audio news in our app so our users can listen to it (of course, with your logo and link towrds the text article). We'll provide you detailed statistics about the usage.

  • No need for technical skills

    We can take care of integration and delivery to your website or server.

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